Home Kitchen , Kitchen Dining,Driew,Wine,Bag,Bag,,Pack,/anthropophagic305225.html,Wine,24,lkdigistudio.com,of,Bottle,for,Ice,$24,Ice Home Kitchen , Kitchen Dining,Driew,Wine,Bag,Bag,,Pack,/anthropophagic305225.html,Wine,24,lkdigistudio.com,of,Bottle,for,Ice,$24,Ice Driew Wine Ice Bag for of Online limited product Pack Bottle 24 Driew Wine Ice Bag for of Online limited product Pack Bottle 24 $24 Driew Wine Ice Bag, Ice Bag for Wine Bottle Pack of 24 Home Kitchen Kitchen Dining $24 Driew Wine Ice Bag, Ice Bag for Wine Bottle Pack of 24 Home Kitchen Kitchen Dining

Driew Wine Ice Bag for of Online limited product Pack NEW before selling ☆ Bottle 24

Driew Wine Ice Bag, Ice Bag for Wine Bottle Pack of 24


Driew Wine Ice Bag, Ice Bag for Wine Bottle Pack of 24

Product description

About Driew Ice Wine Bag

Are you looking for an ice bag for your beer, champagne, white wine, rose and other beverages? Driew PVC wine bag provides a funny way to keep your beverage chilled!

Material: PVC
Size: 9.84 x 4.33 x 4.33 inches

-Made of PVC, waterproof, dust-proof and reusable
-Designed with a sturdy handle, makes this bag more portable and easy carry
-Transparent bag is convenient to check the status
-Leak-proof, this ice bag for wine will not leak when ice melts
-Easy to storage, you can fold it up and put back to the drawer when you don’t need it

Application: Suitable to hold champagne, white wine, rose wine, beer, sparkling water and other beverages. Fits the needs when you wanted to bring your beverage to a party or friends’ house; go picnic when your friends and family.

Package Included: 24 x Wine Bag with Handle

There will be no odor after you put these new bag outside for a little while.

Please don’t put these bags near heat or under sunshine directly for a long time.

Driew Wine Ice Bag, Ice Bag for Wine Bottle Pack of 24

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