$22 Al Hobb Al Hayat for Women EDP - Eau De Parfum 100 ML (3.4 oz) | Beauty Personal Care Fragrance EDP,$22,Hayat,Beauty Personal Care , Fragrance,for,Eau,-,ML,|,Al,oz),Women,lkdigistudio.com,De,(3.4,Hobb,Al,100,/betterness305164.html,Parfum Al Hobb Hayat for Women EDP - 3.4 Sale item oz Eau 100 De ML Parfum EDP,$22,Hayat,Beauty Personal Care , Fragrance,for,Eau,-,ML,|,Al,oz),Women,lkdigistudio.com,De,(3.4,Hobb,Al,100,/betterness305164.html,Parfum $22 Al Hobb Al Hayat for Women EDP - Eau De Parfum 100 ML (3.4 oz) | Beauty Personal Care Fragrance Al Hobb Hayat for Women EDP - 3.4 Sale item oz Eau 100 De ML Parfum

Don't miss the campaign Al Hobb Hayat for Women EDP - 3.4 Sale item oz Eau 100 De ML Parfum

Al Hobb Al Hayat for Women EDP - Eau De Parfum 100 ML (3.4 oz) |


Al Hobb Al Hayat for Women EDP - Eau De Parfum 100 ML (3.4 oz) |

Product description

Scent:Al Hobb Hayat

Al Hobb Hayat Al Hobb Hayat - 100 ML "Al Hobb Hayat" signifies in Arabic as "Love is Life" There is no life without love and therefore its called 'Love is Life' - 'Al Hobb Hayat' The fragrance has the luscious fruity notes on top followed by The fresh lilies and complimented with the base notes of musky, vanillic amp; woody. Top: Mango, Tangerine, Grapefruit Middle: Plum, Praline, Lily of the valley Base: Musk, Vanilla, Cedarwood

Product Description

The Product: Al Hobb Al Hayat for Women

Al Hobb Al Hayat Rasasi Perfume Spray

"Al Hobb Hayat" signifies in Arabic as "Love is Life"

Al Hobb Al Abady Rasasi Perfume Spray Al Hobb Al Hakiki Perfume Spray Rasasi Al Hobb Al Hayat Perfume Spray Rasasi
Al Hobb Al Abady Al Hobb Al Hakiki Al Hobb Al Hayat
Gender Women Women Women
Top Notes Citrus, Bergamot Apple, Red berries Mango, Tangerine, Grapefruit
Middle Notes Floral, Jasmine, Ylang-Ylang, Cyclamen, Rosewood Rose, Lily, Woody, Patchouli Plum, Praline, Lily of the valley
Base Notes Animallic, Musk, Vanilla, Cedarwood, wood Labdanum, Cedarwood, Sandalwood amp; Cashmerman Cashmeran, Patchouli, Amber, Vanilla and Pure Indian Oud Musk, Vanilla, Cedarwood
Volume 100 ML (3.4 oz) 100 ML (3.4 oz) 100 ML (3.4 oz)

Al Hobb Al Hayat for Women EDP - Eau De Parfum 100 ML (3.4 oz) |

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