$29 Baoblaze European Style Candle Holder Candle Stand for Dining Ro Home Kitchen Home Décor Products Baoblaze European Style Candle Tulsa Mall Holder Stand Dining Ro for Style,Ro,for,Home Kitchen , Home Décor Products,Candle,Holder,Baoblaze,Candle,Stand,/caries315122.html,$29,lkdigistudio.com,European,Dining Baoblaze European Style Candle Tulsa Mall Holder Stand Dining Ro for Style,Ro,for,Home Kitchen , Home Décor Products,Candle,Holder,Baoblaze,Candle,Stand,/caries315122.html,$29,lkdigistudio.com,European,Dining $29 Baoblaze European Style Candle Holder Candle Stand for Dining Ro Home Kitchen Home Décor Products

Baoblaze European Factory outlet Style Candle Tulsa Mall Holder Stand Dining Ro for

Baoblaze European Style Candle Holder Candle Stand for Dining Ro


Baoblaze European Style Candle Holder Candle Stand for Dining Ro

Product description

Color:Antique Style_ 5 Arms


- European style candlesticks designed for 3 or 5 sconces,14.37inch Tall.
- Used as home ,wedding ,hotel restaurant ,special events decoration.
- Looks elegant in your sitting room and dining room table
- Brings you romantic when having dinner.
- Made of metal has 2 kinds of colours and models can be choosen.


- Material:Metal alloy
- Size: Base diameter 13cm/5.12inch
- Length 32cm/13inch
- Height 36.5cm/14.37inch

Package Includes:

1 Piece Candle


Please allow slightly error due to Manual measurement

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Baoblaze European Style Candle Holder Candle Stand for Dining Ro

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