$67 Ashthorpe 3-Piece Complete Kids Junior Drum Set - Children's Beg Musical Instruments Drums Percussion Ashthorpe Spring new work one after another 3-Piece Complete Kids Junior Children's - Beg Set Drum $67 Ashthorpe 3-Piece Complete Kids Junior Drum Set - Children's Beg Musical Instruments Drums Percussion Ashthorpe Spring new work one after another 3-Piece Complete Kids Junior Children's - Beg Set Drum -,Drum,Complete,lkdigistudio.com,Musical Instruments , Drums Percussion,Kids,Set,3-Piece,Junior,Children's,Beg,/counterwill239870.html,Ashthorpe,$67 -,Drum,Complete,lkdigistudio.com,Musical Instruments , Drums Percussion,Kids,Set,3-Piece,Junior,Children's,Beg,/counterwill239870.html,Ashthorpe,$67

Ashthorpe Spring new work one after Finally resale start another 3-Piece Complete Kids Junior Children's - Beg Set Drum

Ashthorpe 3-Piece Complete Kids Junior Drum Set - Children's Beg


Ashthorpe 3-Piece Complete Kids Junior Drum Set - Children's Beg

Product Description

Introduce your child to the wonders of music with this Ashthorpe 3-piece junior drum set. Ideally for musicians 3-8 years old, this junior set is the perfect way to allow your child free reign to experiment and practice playing, and is a fantastic upgrade from traditional plastic children's drum sets.

Featuring hardwood (Poplar) shells, triple flanged hoops, chrome accents and finished with a glossy, vibrant exterior, these drums provide impressive sound and quality in an aesthetically pleasing design that will delight young aspiring musicians. This Ashthorpe drum set looks like and compares to a full-sized adult set, making it a favorite for grown-up musicians who love engaging in parent-child play time, each on their own respective set!

This drum set includes all instruments and hardware your child needs to get started or enhance their musical collection.

  • 14" x 9" bass drum with upgraded chain-driven pedal
  • 10" x 5" mounted tom
  • 8" x 5" mounted snare with internal wires and adjustable tension knob
  • 8" stainless steel mounted crash cymbal (brass color)
  • Padded adjustable throne (stool)
  • Pair of wood drumsticks
  • Adjustment key
  • Assembly, layout and tuning guide

Ashthorpe 3-Piece Complete Kids Junior Drum Set - Children's Beg

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