Lushy Kinky Curly Long Green Root Ombre Wig Ranking TOP15 Heavy De Light Curly,Beauty Personal Care , Hair Care,Ombre,Green,Heavy,Root,Wig,Light,De,Kinky,Long,$35,,Lushy,Green,/counterwill314770.html Lushy Kinky Curly Long Green Root Ombre Wig Ranking TOP15 Heavy De Light Curly,Beauty Personal Care , Hair Care,Ombre,Green,Heavy,Root,Wig,Light,De,Kinky,Long,$35,,Lushy,Green,/counterwill314770.html $35 Lushy Kinky Curly Long Green Root Light Green Ombre Wig Heavy De Beauty Personal Care Hair Care $35 Lushy Kinky Curly Long Green Root Light Green Ombre Wig Heavy De Beauty Personal Care Hair Care

Lushy Kinky Curly Long Green Root Ombre Wig Ranking TOP15 Heavy De Bargain Light

Lushy Kinky Curly Long Green Root Light Green Ombre Wig Heavy De


Lushy Kinky Curly Long Green Root Light Green Ombre Wig Heavy De

Product description

Stylish design , all photos are taken by ourselves and actual wig , exactly same as pictures shown.

Texture: Curly long or restyle yourself

Color: Green root light green ombre,same color as pictures shown.

Length: 26inch Same length as pictures shown.

Lace: Transparent lace front or match wig color.

Cap: The wigs is medium average size with adjustable strap, we can make it a bit smaller and a bit larger to suit almost head size. Three combs inside the cap for secure wig further.

Hand tied lace front, realistic wig, offers the most realistic natural hairline, likes human hair.

Kindly remind: Although all photos are taken by actual wig, maybe slightly color difference due to lighting and monitor etc. If care, please contact us to know more information freely before order.

Lushy Kinky Curly Long Green Root Light Green Ombre Wig Heavy De

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