Warm Girl 9w Uv Lamp Gel Plus Max 86% OFF Cleanser Topcoat Kit Nail $21 Warm Girl 9w Uv Lamp Uv Gel Nail Kit Cleanser Plus Topcoat Nail Beauty Personal Care Foot, Hand Nail Care Uv,Kit,Nail,Gel,Nail,$21,Plus,/counterwill315070.html,9w,Cleanser,Warm,Lamp,Uv,Topcoat,lkdigistudio.com,Girl,Beauty Personal Care , Foot, Hand Nail Care Warm Girl 9w Uv Lamp Gel Plus Max 86% OFF Cleanser Topcoat Kit Nail $21 Warm Girl 9w Uv Lamp Uv Gel Nail Kit Cleanser Plus Topcoat Nail Beauty Personal Care Foot, Hand Nail Care Uv,Kit,Nail,Gel,Nail,$21,Plus,/counterwill315070.html,9w,Cleanser,Warm,Lamp,Uv,Topcoat,lkdigistudio.com,Girl,Beauty Personal Care , Foot, Hand Nail Care

Warm Girl 9w Uv Lamp Gel shipfree Plus Max 86% OFF Cleanser Topcoat Kit Nail

Warm Girl 9w Uv Lamp Uv Gel Nail Kit Cleanser Plus Topcoat Nail


Warm Girl 9w Uv Lamp Uv Gel Nail Kit Cleanser Plus Topcoat Nail

Product description

Finish the artificial nail to the desired shape and length. Using a gel brush, apply a thin layer of the desired color gel to the surface of the nail from cuticle to tip.
Cure for 2 minutes in a Professional UV Light (36 Watts). If a lower wattage source maybe 9 Watts is used, cure for an additional 1-2 minutes.
Remove tacky layer and sticky residue with Cleanser Plus and Wiping Solution.
Gels must be mixed well before use. Do not expose to light or excessive heat. Use only as directed

- Can not touch skin.
- Keep away from eyes.
- Keep reach out of children.

Package Content:
9W UV Gel Curing Dryer Lamp x 1
1/2oz Clear UV Gel x 2
1/2oz White UV Gel x 1
1/2oz Pink UV Gel x 1
2oz Cleanser Plus x 1
14ml UV Top Coat x 1
3g Nail Glue x 1
pair of toe separator - random color x 1
Buffer Block x 1
4-way Buffer Block x 1
UV Brush x 1
Wood stick x 2
Cuticle Oil x 1
Nail Sticker x 1 (random style)
20pc Nail Form x 1
Small nail cleaning brush x 1
Nail File x 1(random style)
50pc transparent false nail x 1
12 Varied Colors of Rhinestones x 1
12 Varied Colors of Nail Ballx1
6pc Glitter powder x 1
Voltage: 110V~240V (We will choose the correct voltage according to the shipping address)

Warm Girl 9w Uv Lamp Uv Gel Nail Kit Cleanser Plus Topcoat Nail

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