High material LONSHINE – 2 PACK Magnetic Side Drop Clear Open Transpar Front $25 LONSHINE – (2 PACK) Magnetic Side Open Drop Front Clear Transpar Home Kitchen Storage Organization Front,$25,Transpar,/ctenophoral305187.html,(2,Magnetic,Clear,Home Kitchen , Storage Organization,–,LONSHINE,Drop,Open,lkdigistudio.com,PACK),Side High material LONSHINE – 2 PACK Magnetic Side Drop Clear Open Transpar Front $25 LONSHINE – (2 PACK) Magnetic Side Open Drop Front Clear Transpar Home Kitchen Storage Organization Front,$25,Transpar,/ctenophoral305187.html,(2,Magnetic,Clear,Home Kitchen , Storage Organization,–,LONSHINE,Drop,Open,lkdigistudio.com,PACK),Side

High material LONSHINE – 2 PACK Magnetic Courier shipping free shipping Side Drop Clear Open Transpar Front

LONSHINE – (2 PACK) Magnetic Side Open Drop Front Clear Transpar


LONSHINE – (2 PACK) Magnetic Side Open Drop Front Clear Transpar

Product description

Item Package Quantity:2

Created by Shoe Collectors for Shoe Collectors

Founded in Las Vegas, Nevada Lonshine has created a devoted following by creating superior products that we ourselves use. As a US-based company, we use only the highest quality materials to create quality products. We would not risk a pair of our Jordan’s or Yeezy’s, and we don’t want you to either. We hope you enjoy your Lonshine shoe boxes and appreciate your business. Keep an eye out for more Lonshine product drops and pop-up events!

Built with Design in Mind

Lonshine creates products that are easy to assemble, made to last, and look great to show off your collection. Setup a box in less than 2 minutes and enjoy. Loneshine shoe boxes are perfect for conserving space or creating a centerpiece. Easily Stackable the possibilities are endless to how you can design and view your collection

Super Clear Display - Ultimate Transparency

Easy Organization - Stack and Save space in a Snap

Magnetic Doors - Quality front opening magnetic doors

Built to Last - Up to 250lbs of pressure for each box

LONSHINE – (2 PACK) Magnetic Side Open Drop Front Clear Transpar

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