$40 18 Inch Human Hair Miracle Wire Extensions #1B Natural Black 65g Beauty Personal Care Hair Care 18 Weekly update Inch Human Hair Miracle Wire Black Extensions #1B 65g Natural Extensions,18,Inch,Natural,Wire,Miracle,65g,Beauty Personal Care , Hair Care,Hair,$40,#1B,/decolorimeter305319.html,Black,Human,lkdigistudio.com $40 18 Inch Human Hair Miracle Wire Extensions #1B Natural Black 65g Beauty Personal Care Hair Care Extensions,18,Inch,Natural,Wire,Miracle,65g,Beauty Personal Care , Hair Care,Hair,$40,#1B,/decolorimeter305319.html,Black,Human,lkdigistudio.com 18 Weekly update Inch Human Hair Miracle Wire Black Extensions #1B 65g Natural

18 Weekly update Inch Human Hair Max 79% OFF Miracle Wire Black Extensions #1B 65g Natural

18 Inch Human Hair Miracle Wire Extensions #1B Natural Black 65g


18 Inch Human Hair Miracle Wire Extensions #1B Natural Black 65g

Product Description

Wire Hair Extensions

Hairro is a brand run by US Elailite Store who aims to provide hair extensions and wigs with excellent quality. Although it is not “old” in the website, its company has 16 years' experience in the industry. We have our own factory and quality monitoring team, and we use our product too. We fully know that hair is not just a matter of look, but also a matter of mood and life. Therefore, Hairro hopes to help more people get a better look and boost their confidence. Rather than just a seller, we hope we can be your friend and your partner.

1.Make a small bun with hair on top.

How to Wear Hidden Crown Hair Extensions?

1. Make a small bun with hair on top.

1.Make a small bun with hair on top.

Step 1

Put the wire about 1-1.5 inch away from your hairline.

Step 2

3.Make sure the back of the flip in hair doesn’t fall to low behind

Step 3

Tease your hair out

Step 4

Frequently asked questions

Warm Tips for Using the Hair Extensions:

As human hair extensions, they can be washed, strengthened, curled and dyed. While adding heat, we recommend controlling the temperature between 130 and 150 degrees. The outcome of straightening and curling are different for different length. If you need to curl the hair frenquently, we recommend that you buy a size longer than your hair so as to make a more natural look. If you need to color the hair, please noted that only light-colored hair can be dyed darker. Yet, you can't make the color lighter by dyeing it.

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Human Hair Ponytails Tape in Hair Extensions Clip in Hair Extensions 7pcs 15 Clips One Piece Clip in Human Hair Extensions Clip in Hair Topper Human Hair Bun
Human Hair
Length 14"-20" 12"-24" 15"-22" 8"-24" 6"-20"
30-day Returnable

18 Inch Human Hair Miracle Wire Extensions #1B Natural Black 65g

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