Northern Lights Bee Hive Hand-Poured - Candle Popular overseas H Lavender 7.5oz $91 Northern Lights Bee Hive Hand-Poured Candle 7.5oz - Lavender H Home Kitchen Home Décor Products $91 Northern Lights Bee Hive Hand-Poured Candle 7.5oz - Lavender H Home Kitchen Home Décor Products Northern Lights Bee Hive Hand-Poured - Candle Popular overseas H Lavender 7.5oz H,Lights,-,Hive,Bee,/fucate305571.html,Candle,Hand-Poured,$91,Northern,7.5oz,,Lavender,Home Kitchen , Home Décor Products H,Lights,-,Hive,Bee,/fucate305571.html,Candle,Hand-Poured,$91,Northern,7.5oz,,Lavender,Home Kitchen , Home Décor Products

Northern Lights Bee Hive NEW before selling ☆ Hand-Poured - Candle Popular overseas H Lavender 7.5oz

Northern Lights Bee Hive Hand-Poured Candle 7.5oz - Lavender H


Northern Lights Bee Hive Hand-Poured Candle 7.5oz - Lavender H

Product description

Style:2 Pack

Fragrance Notes: Lavender amp; Honey. A warm floral combination of lavender, honey, lemon, and orange. This bee-utiful hand-poured candle features natural beeswax from natural worker bees doing natural bee things. Out of respect for those hardworking bees, only natural elements have been used to complete this clean burning, smoke and soot free candle.

Northern Lights Bee Hive Hand-Poured Candle 7.5oz - Lavender H

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