$56 Zoomster Kids Trampoline, 55” Mini Trampoline for Enclosure Net Sports Outdoors Sports Fitness $56 Zoomster Kids Trampoline, 55” Mini Trampoline for Enclosure Net Sports Outdoors Sports Fitness Zoomster Bargain Kids Trampoline 55” Enclosure Net for Mini Sports Outdoors , Sports Fitness,for,55”,Kids,Trampoline,,Net,Enclosure,$56,Zoomster,Trampoline,lkdigistudio.com,Mini,/fucate722771.html Zoomster Bargain Kids Trampoline 55” Enclosure Net for Mini Sports Outdoors , Sports Fitness,for,55”,Kids,Trampoline,,Net,Enclosure,$56,Zoomster,Trampoline,lkdigistudio.com,Mini,/fucate722771.html

Zoomster Bargain Kids Trampoline 2021new shipping free shipping 55” Enclosure Net for Mini

Zoomster Kids Trampoline, 55” Mini Trampoline for Enclosure Net


Zoomster Kids Trampoline, 55” Mini Trampoline for Enclosure Net

Product Description

mini trampoline

Maximum weight capacity: 110 lbs or less

Color: Black/ Light blue

Materials: Rust-resistant galvanized steel, polypropylene mat, polyethylene net, UV-resistant PE safety pad

Assembled Product Dimensions: 55" Dia. x 64" H

Recommended for: Ages 3 - 6

Number of Stretch bands: 36

Package includes: 1 x 55" Trampoline, 1 x User manual

Zoomster 55" Round Jumping Trampoline is ideal for children ages 3 and up to bounce in their ways to enjoy their entertaining time. Foam padded frame poles and yellow safety pad provide added protection. U-shaped big leg provides more stability to the trampoline frame while jumping. The trampoline frame is constructed of fully galvanized stainless steel, providing fun for years to come.

36 High-grade Stretch bands are used in place of springs to protect the joints of your kids. There is no gap between the safety enclosure net and jumping mat keeps children safe from hazardous pinch points and openings.

Zoomster Kids Trampoline, 55” Mini Trampoline for Enclosure Net

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