Lillian Vernon Hello Gorgeous Pillow Outlet sale feature Accent 18" - Lillian,18",Gorgeous,Hello,Beauty Personal Care , Personal Care,-,/gizzard723101.html,Accent,$24,Vernon,,Pillow $24 Lillian Vernon Hello Gorgeous Accent Pillow - 18" Beauty Personal Care Personal Care Lillian,18",Gorgeous,Hello,Beauty Personal Care , Personal Care,-,/gizzard723101.html,Accent,$24,Vernon,,Pillow $24 Lillian Vernon Hello Gorgeous Accent Pillow - 18" Beauty Personal Care Personal Care Lillian Vernon Hello Gorgeous Pillow Outlet sale feature Accent 18" -

Lillian Vernon Hello Gorgeous Pillow Outlet Direct store sale feature Accent 18

Lillian Vernon Hello Gorgeous Accent Pillow - 18"


Lillian Vernon Hello Gorgeous Accent Pillow - 18"

Product description

Lillian Vernon Exclusive designed by Jillian Yee-Pham! This pillow from our "Hello" series may be the best way to let your beloved know how you feel, since the message is endearingly clear. Made of pure soft cotton (the kind that gets better with every wash). Display the accent pillow on a sofa, bed or chair - at the office or anywhere - and be reminded someone thinks they are very special, indeed. 18 x 18".

Lillian Vernon Hello Gorgeous Accent Pillow - 18"

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