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SUABO Peacock Area Rug Non Slip Sofa Max 64% OFF Nurse Carpet Floor Yoga sold out Mat

SUABO Peacock Area Rug Non Slip Sofa Floor Carpet Yoga Mat Nurse


SUABO Peacock Area Rug Non Slip Sofa Floor Carpet Yoga Mat Nurse

Product description


Area Rug for Living Room Bedroom

Size: 3' x 5' (39 x 60 Inches)
Package Include: 1 x Area Rug
Design: Only print on one side
Material: Polyester, soft sponge inter layer and non-woven fabric in the bottom, non slip.
Occasion: Our area rug is mainly used in Living room, dining room, kids room. It can decor your home when Christmas, Thanksgiving or any Holidays.

For the convenience of logistics transportation, it must be folded for delivery. You may received with creases rug. Please put them for 3-5 hours and the creases will disappear.

If there are any problem with the area rug, please contact us soon. We will resolve the problem for you soon.

SUABO Peacock Area Rug Non Slip Sofa Floor Carpet Yoga Mat Nurse


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