16 Fl.oz Premium Liquid Gold Buriti Fruit Organic Pure Oil Ski Sales of SALE items from new works 16 Fl.oz Premium Liquid Gold Buriti Fruit Organic Pure Oil Ski Sales of SALE items from new works $35 16 Fl.oz Premium Liquid Gold Buriti Fruit Oil Pure Organic Ski Beauty Personal Care Skin Care $35 16 Fl.oz Premium Liquid Gold Buriti Fruit Oil Pure Organic Ski Beauty Personal Care Skin Care Beauty Personal Care , Skin Care,$35,/interdiffusive315217.html,16,Oil,Liquid,Premium,lkdigistudio.com,Gold,Fl.oz,Fruit,Pure,Organic,Buriti,Ski Beauty Personal Care , Skin Care,$35,/interdiffusive315217.html,16,Oil,Liquid,Premium,lkdigistudio.com,Gold,Fl.oz,Fruit,Pure,Organic,Buriti,Ski

Excellent 16 Fl.oz Premium Liquid Gold Buriti Fruit Organic Pure Oil Ski Sales of SALE items from new works

16 Fl.oz Premium Liquid Gold Buriti Fruit Oil Pure Organic Ski


16 Fl.oz Premium Liquid Gold Buriti Fruit Oil Pure Organic Ski

Product description

All our oils are fresh and bottled daily. Expiration date is at least 12 month from sale date
Organic Ingredients:100% Pure Buriti Fruit Oil
Botanical Name: Mauritia Flexuosa
Extraction Method: Cold Pressed
Color: Clear deep yellow-orange to reddish color
Aromatic Description: Buriti Carrier Oil has a strong oily scent
Buriti oil benefits are mainly known for healing skin related conditions. However, it has been used for hair care and hair repair products.
Buriti oil benefits:
Sun Burn and Sun protectant from UVA rays
Aging Skin
Dry Skin and rashes

Dry lips Repairing Dry or Damaged Hair
The Buriti, is a large tree that grows in swamp regions throughout South America. The buriti tree produces a sweet brown fruit with a yellow pulp. The pulp interior contains important fatty acids. The buriti fruit oil contains high levels of beta-carotene, making it as essential source for nutrients. For centuries, The natives have been using the common Amazonian palm fruit as a diet staple. However, the fruit also contains beauty oil that is becoming rather essential in beauty care.
Buriti oil is widely beneficial for the skin. Buriti Fruit Oil, possess natural elements which moisturize , repair, and nourish the skin. According to research that has been conducted throughout various labs, Buriti oil is anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and photo-protective. The antioxidant activity of buriti oil helps to protect the membranes surrounding all skin cells, which keeps the skin cells healthy longer. These antioxidant properties also prevents and protects the skin from damage.
Many people use Buriti Oil in blends for hot oil treatments.
It is rich in antioxidants, which can help to protect your hair from sun damage and free radicals.
It is a rich emollient, so it is great for locking in moisture.

16 Fl.oz Premium Liquid Gold Buriti Fruit Oil Pure Organic Ski

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