Boxwood,Live,Green,Plants,-,Winter,50,Buxus,,$91,/leucism305546.html,Microphylla,Patio, Lawn Garden , Gardening Lawn Care,Korean,- Winter Green Year-end gift Korean Boxwood - Live Microphylla 50 Buxus Plants Boxwood,Live,Green,Plants,-,Winter,50,Buxus,,$91,/leucism305546.html,Microphylla,Patio, Lawn Garden , Gardening Lawn Care,Korean,- Winter Green Year-end gift Korean Boxwood - Live Microphylla 50 Buxus Plants $91 Winter Green Korean Boxwood - 50 Live Plants - Buxus Microphylla Patio, Lawn Garden Gardening Lawn Care $91 Winter Green Korean Boxwood - 50 Live Plants - Buxus Microphylla Patio, Lawn Garden Gardening Lawn Care

Winter Green Year-end gift Max 59% OFF Korean Boxwood - Live Microphylla 50 Buxus Plants

Winter Green Korean Boxwood - 50 Live Plants - Buxus Microphylla


Winter Green Korean Boxwood - 50 Live Plants - Buxus Microphylla

Product description

Item Package Quantity:50

This compact evergreen shrub produces inconspicuous white flowers in spring. In the winter, it maintains dark green velvety foliage. Matures to 3-5 feet. Performs best as a shrub for small hedges.

This evergreen shrub needs a regular water schedule to ensure the growth of a mature root system. The first year of growth requires watering daily. After the mature root system is established, watering is needed weekly, except during a drought, watering is needed regularly. Mulching is recommended to detour weeds, and to keep the moisture content high. During plant maturity pruning is necessary to encourage branch development. Once mature, occasional shearing is needed to maintain desired shape.

Wintergreen Boxwood is a vigorous, winter-hardy cultivar that is ideal when a medium to large foundation plant is desired. It is great for use in medium-sized hedges and is very tolerant of pruning or shearing. It has a tendency to bronze when exposed to direct winter sun but the bronzing will quickly disappear as temperatures rise in spring and as new growth emerges. Deer resistant.

It is a great choice when you want to fill a space quickly. If left unpruned, a vigorous plant can become wiry but the plant will respond very well to hedge shears.

Wintergreen boxwood should be pruned each late winter or early spring to maintain desired shape. Use hand pruners or shears. Additional prunings may be necessary in early to mid-summer, depending on the desired look and vigor of the plant. Wintergreen tolerates more radical pruning if the plant has outgrown its desired size. Thinning is not necessary on this cultivar.

Winter Green Korean Boxwood - 50 Live Plants - Buxus Microphylla

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