$70 Knocbel Round Coffee Table for Living Room, Sofa Side End Table Home Kitchen Furniture $70 Knocbel Round Coffee Table for Living Room, Sofa Side End Table Home Kitchen Furniture Knocbel Round Max 62% OFF Coffee Table for End Living Side Sofa Room Knocbel Round Max 62% OFF Coffee Table for End Living Side Sofa Room End,Living,Home Kitchen , Furniture,Table,Sofa,Coffee,$70,Round,lkdigistudio.com,Side,Room,,Knocbel,for,/lupe239831.html,Table End,Living,Home Kitchen , Furniture,Table,Sofa,Coffee,$70,Round,lkdigistudio.com,Side,Room,,Knocbel,for,/lupe239831.html,Table

Knocbel Round Max 62% OFF Coffee Table for End Living Side Sofa Milwaukee Mall Room

Knocbel Round Coffee Table for Living Room, Sofa Side End Table


Knocbel Round Coffee Table for Living Room, Sofa Side End Table

Product description

Color:Gold Cross Base 35.4 Inch

Here is our Simple Single Layer Round Frame Glass Surface Coffee Table Side Table 50 Round. This glass coffee table is designed with an elegant gold trim and an open, round shape to add a modern feel to any space. The open design creates a welcoming feeling and provides ample space to put drinks or decor on top. The surface of this coffee table has a 6 mm thick tempered glass, which is particularly robust and shock-resistant. So don't hesitate, it's a good choice for you!

DELICATE, BUT STRONG: The surface of this coffee table has a 6 mm thick tempered glass, which is particularly robust and shock-resistant. The stable glass plate can be loaded with up to 100 lb
LEVEL FEET: Whether you want to place this coffee table on a carpet or on your hardwood floor, the adjustable feet allow you to compensate for minor unevenness. Foot pads also protect your floor from scratches
EASY TO ASSEMBLE: Assembles in minutes; easy care and wipe clean
1. Color: Gold
2. Material: Metal Glass
3. Overall Dimensions:
(19.7 x 19.7 x 21.65)" / (50 x 50 x 55)cm (L x W x H)
/(35.4 x 35.4 x 17.72)" / (90 x 90 x 45)cm (L x W x H)
4. Weight Capacity: 110lb / 50kg
Package Includes:
1 x Coffee Table
1 x Accessories
1 x Manual
1. When receiving the goods, please confirm the product according to the listing of instructions. Once you find less pieces, please provide relevant pictures to contact us. We will deal it in the time
2. Please install goods with the instruction manual
3. It is recommended that the installation should not be too tight to adjust easily. After the structure is installed, firm the interface for more stability

Knocbel Round Coffee Table for Living Room, Sofa Side End Table

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