Lalit Kumawat

The Journey started in 1998 by Mr. Lalit Kumawat to follow his passion about photography and captured loveble moments. First starting his career as outdoor photographer and Videogrpher. Now in times he is expert in wedding photography and other events photography. Two years struggle and hardwork reward him with L K Digi Studio the name came into force from 2000. He can't remember his life beafore he started looking at the world in frames. Photography has made him see the beauty around us.
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Jitendra Kumawat

Jitendra start his career in 2006 as journlist, news reporter and cameramen in different news channel. In 2008 his passion about cinematography and photography pull him with Mr. Lalit Kumawat (elder brother) and they both start working together. Now in times Jitendra is expert in wedding cinematography, video editing and other events cinematography. He also manage various type of events. His philosophy is simple one - keep things as real as poosible. Fun, energy, emotion he capture the real moments that you'll look back on and laugh, cry and relive all over again in our photography & film.
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Gajendra Kumawat

Gajendra is fine-art photographer. He start working with L K Digi Studio in 2015. Basically he is student and completed his graduation in 2017. The reason behind he entered into this field is that, he love to see a real world in frames. He expert in candid photography, aerial view of places, street photography, nature photography and other events photography. He likes to tell stories through photography by placing them on the edge of reality where the visuals are realistic but hard to believe. Most of his images are photographic interpretations of current events while others are based on leftover memories of his dreams which he documents on a regular basis by drawing sketches.
Winner of 1st Prize at Street Photo Walks 2016 organised by Aapno Udaipur.
Winner of 1st Prize at UBShilpgram 2017 organised by Udaipur Blog.
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